v1.03 Update


  • Modified Button Config: you can now click on button assignments to edit them individually. Hopefully improved some other minor things with it as well.
  • In Level Select, when on the Start From X-X option, you can press Left/Right or click the icons to set how many Bombs/Portaboxes you want to start with. This is mainly to help with practicing full game runs where you can come into levels with extras. This is not to use items you can't actually have to try and break cutscenes and stuff... please.
  • Added Staff Time Multiplier, a weird option in Time Attack Options. All staff time goals are multiplied by this value, theoretically allowing you to set more achievable, incremental goals for yourself.
  • When timer is enabled, fixed the bug where levels before intermissions didn't show their clear time, while intermission screens showed "0.0" clear times.
  • Made it so levels have solid borders to the left and/or right to prevent exiting into empty, "out of bounds" screens. Um... not that you could do that or anything.

EDIT: Uploaded v1.03b to disable Portabox/Bomb settings for levels where it'd never be applicable.


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Aug 15, 2017
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Aug 15, 2017

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