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All To Get Her

Guide two girls through a puzzle-platformer dungeon in their quest for the ultimate reward. (Solo or two-player co-op!) · By vgperson


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Recent updates

v1.09 Update
v1.09 Made numerous speed improvements. Gameplay should run better, especially when there are many monsters around, and there should be less weird slowdown with...
2 files
v1.08 Update
v1.08 Fixed a bug when playing custom dungeons where invisible walls would be created on the left/right edges where they shouldn't have been. Fixed animation wh...
2 files
v1.07 Update
v1.07 Fixed incorrect Area 6 behavior when entering it in the unlockable bonus mode without Skip Scenes enabled. Minor addition (and obvious improvement) to the...
2 files
v1.06 Update
v1.06 Fixed bug with equipped item consistency, again, covering a few minor cases which weren't likely to matter anyway, but still. Made it so restarting in lev...
2 files
v1.05 Update
v1.05 Fixed a bug causing inconsistent behavior in Area 6 levels regarding which girl you start off controlling. Made a thing correct itself if you do unusual s...
2 files
v1.04 Update
v1.04 Changed Area 6 behavior so that you keep your items the way you would expect to, and re-enabled Portabox/Bomb settings for those levels. Made some minor c...
2 files
v1.03 Update
v1.03 Modified Button Config: you can now click on button assignments to edit them individually. Hopefully improved some other minor things with it as well. In...
2 files
v1.02 Update
v1.02 Modified 6-2 and fixed another oversight that allowed you to go where you shouldn't in Area 6, and made things correct themselves in case you still manage...
2 files